Strait Regional School Board Students Win Bronze Medals at Canada-Wide Science Fair 2016

Tracy MacIsaac, Teacher, SAERC; Brenna Martell; Alexandra Fraser; Brenton Sutherland; Lyza Ells; and Andrew Clarey, Teacher, Cape Breton Highlands Education Centre/Academy (l-r)

Congratulations to our four students, Lyza Ells, Grade 8, St. Andrew Junior School; Brenton Sutherland, Grade 12, Dalbrae Academy; Brenna Martell and Alexandra Fraser, Grade 12, Richmond Education Centre/Academy, who represented the Strait Regional School Board extremely well at the Canada Wide Science Fair held at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec this week, May 18 to 20, 2016.

Special congratulations to National Bronze Medal recipients Brenton Sutherland, Brenna Martell and Alexandra Fraser! 

Brenton Sutherland, Grade 12, Dalbrae Academy; Project Safe Skies

Brenna Martell and Alexandra Fraser, Grade 12, Richmond Education Centre/Academy; Project – Pour Some Sugar on Me

Lyza Ells, Grade 8, St. Andrew Junior School; Project – Le Guerre Froid

There were 485 students competing from all provinces and territories of Canada as well as projects from Mexico, St. Maarten, Turkey and Australia.  In addition to the judging, the students had the opportunity to engage in conversations with fellow scientists and learn from experts in the field, including astrophysicist Jaymie Matthews and astronaut Chris Hadfield. Lyza is already considering next year's project, as she would like the chance to return to next year's fair in Regina.