Strait Regional School Board Marks Psychology Month

Photo excerpt from Canadian Psychological Association website.

February marks the 11th annual Psychology Month campaign.  Psychology Month is an awareness campaign that Psychology is for Everyone.  This year’s theme is Psychology Makes it Work.   Psychology plays an extremely important role in our well-being and in how we think, feel and behave in our daily lives and in our communities.  Accessing psychology services and supports is part of leading a healthy and happy life.

On behalf of the Strait Regional School Board, Director of Programs and Student Services Paul Landry thanked the school psychologists for their many contributions to school programming and services for students. "School Psychologists are valued members of our regional support team who assist students with a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural and learning challenges," says Mr. Landry.

The Strait Regional School Board has developed a brochure specifically designed to answer the many questions parents/guardians may have related to school psychology services. The brochure,
School Psychology Services: A Guide for Parents/Guardians, can be accessed by clicking on this blue link or by contacting your local school or the School Board office. In addition, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has developed the publication, School Psychology Guidelines.

When we look at how psychology impacts our lives, research shows us that:

- One in five Canadians will experience a mental health disorder in their lifetimes.
- More children in Canada have a learning disability than all other disabilities combined.
- Two out of three people with a diagnosable mental health issue in Canada do not seek or receive care.

The Strait Regional School Board gratefully acknowledges the many contributions that school psychologists make to our school communities.

For addition information about psychology, learning disabilities, and mental health in Nova Scotia and Canada, please refer to the following resources:

Canadian Psychological Association

National Association of School Psychologists

Statistics Canada 

Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia 

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada