Strait Regional Centre for Education (formerly SRSB) Celebrates Education Week: April 15 to 21, 2018

Education Week is a time for students, parents/guardians, staff and members of the community to celebrate the many good things that are happening in our classrooms. This year’s theme is The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Idea Generation.

Teachers foster an entrepreneurial spirit in students through their commitment to develop skills such as collaboration, creative thinking, innovation and idea generation, risk-taking and problem-solving. In addition, education partners support curriculum activities that engage business partners as speakers, advisors and mentors. They support opportunities to engage students in workshops, simulations, community placements and volunteer opportunities. This heightens career awareness and understanding of post-secondary choices for students.

The Strait Regional Centre for Education thanks all education partners for their exceptional efforts in supporting student learning, achievement and success. Your contributions are making a meaningful difference and are sincerely appreciated.