Policy Manual

Policy Manual

What's new in Policy?

Proposed Policy for Review

The Strait Regional School Board encourages the participation of its education partners and school communities in its policy development and review process.  The Board is currently undertaking a review of the following policy and invites community input. 

Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol, Policy III-A-4

Please provide feedback, in writing, by Wednesday, December 6, 2017, to:

Deanna Gillis, Coordinator of Communications
304 Pitt Street, Unit 2, Port Hawkesbury, NS   B9A 2T9
Phone:  1-902-625-7093  • Toll free:  1-800-650-4448
Fax:  1-902-625-2281  •  Email:  deanna.gillis@srsb.ca

Ministerial Policies

Section I: Strait Regional School Board

Section II: Board Governance

Section III: Education

Section IV: Students

Section V: Human Resources

Section VI: The School Community

Section VII: Fiscal Management

Section VIII: Property Services

Section IX: Transportation