As a child's first teacher, a parent or guardian plays the most important role in a child's development.  When children start school, the school relies heavily on the continued support and participation of parents and guardians.  Resources available on this site are meant to inform you about your child's experience at school, to assist you in your support of your child's learning and to provide information regarding the many ways parents can be involved.

Mental Health Resources and Services

Parents/Guardians Resources

Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol

Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol, Policy III-A-4

The Strait Regional Centre for Education recognizes and supports the rights of parents/guardians to advocate on behalf of their children within the public school system.  The Strait Regional Centre for Education endorses the resolution of parent/guardian concerns in a respectful, conciliatory and efficient manner at the school and regional levels.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a progressive mediation process and framework for addressing parent/guardian concerns related to their child's school program, with a focus on school-based solutions.

Access a copy of the policy via the following link:

Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol, Policy III-A-4

Access a copy of the supporting procedures (including information on requesting a review of, and appealing, a decision) via the following link:

Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol Procedures, PRO III-A-4



School Registration

Student Behaviour

Students, parents, teachers, support staff, principals, and Regional Centres share responsibility for creating a school-wide approach to maintaining a positive and inclusive school climate where all students are supported to develop healthy relationships, make good choices, and achieve success in their learning.

All members of Nova Scotia’s school communities have a role to play in the awareness and prevention of unacceptable behaviour.

The provincial school code of conduct policy applies to all public schools and Regional Centres in the Province of Nova Scotia. All students and school members in Nova Scotia are required to follow this provincial school code of conduct policy, which is governed by the Education Act.

School Support Groups

A School Advisory Council (SAC) is a legally recognized body comprising of the principal and representatives of parents/guardians, teachers, support staff, students and community members who work together in an advisory capacity to increase the quality of education being provided by the school. For more information, contact your school principal or the Director of Programs and Student Services at 902-625-7083 or 1-800-650-4448.

Many schools in our region also have school support groups, such as Home and School and Parent-Teacher. These groups provide a valuable link among the school, the family and the community. Please contact your child's school principal for further information.

Student Travel

Transfer of Students Within the Region

The Strait Regional Centre for Education determines the appropriate placement of its students for attendance purposes in order to plan programs, organize transportation services, and generally manage the school system.  The Strait Regional Centre for Education acknowledges that, under certain circumstances, it is sometimes in the best interest of students to transfer to a school other than their local school.  For more information, please refer to Transfer of Students within the Region Policy IV-E-7 and supporting procedures, PRO IV-E-7. This policy and supporting procedures apply to the transfer of a student from the school that serves his/her geographical area to another school within the jurisdiction of the Strait Regional Centre for Education.

Transfer of Students Within the Region Application Request Form-PRO-IV-E-7

Volunteers In The School

Volunteerism has a positive impact on the school environment. In accordance with SRCE procedures and provincial requirements on Volunteers in the School, a Child Abuse Register Check and Vulnerable Sector Check (formerly a Criminal Record Check) are a mandatory requirement of the screening process. You are encouraged to contact your school principal if you are interested in volunteering your services.

For more information, please refer to the Volunteers in the School Policy VI-C-1 and supporting procedures, PRO VI-C-1.

Child Abuse Register Request for Search (Form A)

Child Abuse Registry Check  -  please complete the form A and attach a copy of your NS Driver's license or  a copy of your NS Health Card.  Then return these for  processing to the Child Abuse Regisry, Department of Community Services (address is on the form)

Vulnerable Sector Check (formerly Criminal Records Check)

Criminal Records Check - Candidates need to request a Level 3 with a Vulnerable Sector check.  Effective November 1st, 2013, the forms are currently available at your local RCMP detachment. They will process the check and provide you a report. Please forward the original copy of the report to the Human Resources Department.