Operations Department

Operations Department

Paul Landry, Director of Operations (Acting)

Mr. Paul Landry was appointed as Acting Director of Operations as of Monday, September 25, 2017.   Since November 2014, and previously from July 2013 to July 2014, Mr. Landry served as Director of Programs and Student Services for the Strait Regional School Board. Prior to this time, Mr. Landry worked at the regional level as the Coordinator of Strategic Planning and the Coordinator of School Improvement and Special Projects.  Mr. Landry has taught at the elementary, middle school and high school levels in both British Columbia and Nova Scotia and served as principal at the elementary, high school and primary to twelve levels.  Mr. Landry’s leadership skills and commitment to student achievement and success is reflected in his student-centred approach and focus on meeting the needs of all students in the Strait Region.

Mr. Landry’s formal education includes a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration from St. Francis Xavier University, a Diploma in Instructional Leadership from the Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Program, a B.US in Education from the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and a Bachelor of Arts from St. Francis Xavier University.

The Operations Department is responsible for the provision and operation of safe and efficient facilities and fleet management for the students and staff of the Strait Regional Centre for Education.

If your question, concern or comment is about:

    * Transportation services (bussing)
    * Property services (buildings)
    * Occupational Health and Safety
    * Environmental management
    * School renovations

Please contact:

TBD, Administrative Assistant, Transportation Services; 902-747-3645

Belinda Shea, Administrative Assistant, Property Services; belinda.shea@srsb.ca/ 902-747-3647

Bussing emergency telephone number: 902-747-3642; 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Operations Department Staff Members

Paul Landry - Director of Operations (Acting); paul.landry@srsb.ca / 902-747-3647

Lou Bona - Manager of Facilities Maintenance; lou.bona@srsb.ca / 902-747-3647

Ian Fraser -  Assistant Manager of Facilities Maintenance; ian.fraser@srsb.ca / 902-747-3645

Kevin Pierce - Manager of Transportation; kevin.pierce@srsb.ca /902-747-3645

Holly Wood - Assistant Manager of Transportation; holly.wood@srsb.ca / 902-747-3645

Alex MacKenzie - Assistant Manager of Fleet Maintenance; alex.mackenzie@srsb.ca / 902-747-3637

Karen MacDonald - Manager of Occupational Health and Safety Programs; karen.macdonald@srsb.ca / 902-747-3647

Denise Kelly, Secretary, Transportation; denise.kelly@srsb.ca / 902-747-3642

All above staff can be reached at 902-625-2191 or 902-747-3647.