Invitation to Submit Nominations for a Strait to Excellence Award

The Strait Regional School Board is inviting nominations for its inaugural Strait to Excellence Award, in accordance with School Board Policy V-B-3, Employee Appreciation and Recognition, and supporting procedures, PRO V-B-3.

The Strait to Excellence Award is an annual formal recognition to recognize employees who hold a position with the Strait Regional School Board and who demonstrate excellence in the workplace.

Criteria for the Award
The Strait to Excellence Award will recognize Strait Regional School Board employees for their outstanding contributions and commitment in supporting the mission, vision and belief statements of the Strait Regional School Board.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • student achievement
  • staff success
  • school performance
  • integration of technology
  • health and/or safety of students and co-workers
  • commitment to students
  • excellence in the workplace
  • cultural proficiency

Nomination Process
Employees or groups of employees, parent/guardians, school advisory council members and students may nominate employees by submitting a Nomination Form as contained in Appendix B of the Employee Appreciation and Recognition procedures, PRO V-B-3 by Monday, January 11, 2016. Nomination forms shall be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources of the Strait Regional School Board.

Selection Process
A selection committee will be Chaired by the Director of Human Resources/designate and be comprised of one representative from each of the Departments of Operations, Finance, Programs and Student Services; one school administrator; and one Board Member.

Awards Presentation and Ceremony
A framed certificate will be presented to 10 – 20 recipients hosted at a School Board Function in the spring of each year. Recipients will be publicly acknowledged through appropriate print and electronic communication vehicles.

Contact Information
Please feel free to contact Janice Gough, Coordinator of Human Resources and Special Projects, at, with questions you may have in regards to this award.