Inverness Education Centre/Academy Graduating Student to Benefit from the Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund

Carol Smith, Principal, Inverness Education Centre/Academy; Sharon MacCuspic, Director of Programs and Student Services, SRSB; Anne Peters, Board Member, SRSB; Alex McKinnon, Cameron McKinnon, Geraldine McKinnon, Frances MacLellan, Dara MacEachen, Grade 12 student, IEC/A; Sadie Beaton, Grade 12 student, IEC/A (left to right) following the official announcement of the Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund by Mr. Alex McKinnon.

Date:  Thursday, October 12,  2017                                                          

Inverness, NS:— Beginning in June of 2018 and continuing on an annual basis, the Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund, with a capital fund of approximately $55,000, will award one $2,000 bursary per year to a deserving graduating student of Inverness Education Centre/Academy, a Grades Primary to 12 school located in Inverness, Nova Scotia.  The establishment of the Bursary was announced today at Inverness Education Centre/Academy by Alex and Geraldine McKinnon, and Cameron McKinnon Q.C.[Ret’d], on behalf of approximately 40 descendants, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of the late Charles and Christina Jamieson.

Charles and Christina (Gillis) Jamieson grew up in Inverness.  They lived in Cape St. Lawrence for about 23 years where Charles worked as the lighthouse keeper, and he and Christina raised 12 children.  In 1915, they returned to their beloved Inverness and realized their dream of purchasing a farm. The farm property remained in Christina’s name for 85 years.  Under the guidance and leadership of Alex McKinnon, grandson of Charles and Christina, and Cameron McKinnon, great grandson of Charles and Christina, and in consultation with other Jamieson Family descendants, there is now an Inverness Jamieson Family legacy to pass on.  Prior to the farm property being sold recently, the Jamieson Family descendants agreed that the net proceeds should form the monetary foundation of the Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund.

“It is our hope that the bursary will help graduating students further their education and help them go forward, “Without Fear”, the Jamieson Clan motto, as they pursue their dreams for a healthy, happy, prosperous life,” said Alex McKinnon speaking on behalf of the Jamieson Family descendants.

On behalf of Inverness Education Centre/Academy students, staff and school community, Principal Carol Smith expressed her sincere appreciation to the family of Charles and Christina Jamieson.  “The legacy of Charles and Christina Jamieson’s commitment to education and the youth in the Inverness area will not be forgotten,” said Ms. Smith.  “This gift is a significant addition to our scholarship and bursary fund. Thank you very much for your kindness and for making our students’ education a priority as you worked to establish the bursary. This year’s recipient will also have the honour of being the first to receive the bursary, which will form part of our graduation event at our school for the next 30 plus years.”

“It is through the generosity of families such as the Jamieson’s, as well as local community organizations and businesses, that help students bring their future educational aspirations to a reality,” said Sharon MacCuspic, Director of Programs and Student Services for the Strait Regional School Board. “On behalf of the Strait Regional School Board, I sincerely thank you for your thoughtfulness in establishing this bursary, it will most definitely support student success for a very long time to come,” added Mrs. MacCuspic.

The Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund includes the following selection criteria:

  • the recipient will be the most improved student (from Grade 10 to 12) graduating from Inverness Education Centre/Academy, as selected by the school administration and Graduation Committee;
  • the recipient will be a student who struggled with education in  Grade 10, through no fault of their own, and then improved their performance during the high school years; and
  • the recipient must be involved in community and/or extra-curricular activities and exhibit the qualities of integrity, honesty and academic improvement.


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For more information, please see the attached Background document and contact:

Carol Smith, Principal, Inverness Education Centre/Academy; 902-258-3700;;
Alex and Geraldine McKinnon, 902-258-3488;
Cameron McKinnon, Q.C.[Ret’d], 902-893-0435;
Deanna Gillis, Coordinator of Communications; Strait Regional School Board; 902-625-7093;


Background Information: Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary Fund


Charles and Christina [Gillis] Jamieson were fine, upstanding citizens of Inverness. Charles Jamieson was the lighthouse keeper in Cape St. Lawrence, 6-8 kilometres past Meat Cove, for some 23 years, during which time he and his wife Christina raised 12 children, 9 of whom survived. Their dream of purchasing a farm in Inverness was realized upon the purchase of their farm on the corner in Inverness in 1915.

The sight of the Jamieson’s returning to Inverness is still remembered by some people in Inverness as the Jamiesons’ arrival by boat at the harbour. Unloading the highland cattle was accomplished by pushing the animals overboard and “swimming” the cattle to the Jamieson farm, a unique way of getting the cattle to shore.  Having endured the hardships of life at Cape St. Lawrence for 23 years, life on the farm, although extremely challenging, was extremely rewarding for the Jamieson’s, who quickly established themselves as prominent, industrious, and exemplary Invernessers.

Many of the children migrated to the US., as was the trend in those years. Most of the male Jamieson’s left Inverness for the woods and coal mines of Northern Ontario where, over time, they became separated from their roots, and each other. Some children of Charles and Christina were not even aware that the land was still held in Christina’s name until the project to establish a scholarship in their grandparents’ and great grandparents’ name began.

Charles Jamieson was described in his obituary as “...a quiet, unassuming man, thoroughly honest in all his dealings and an eminently useful citizen of the community in which he lived. He was “ exceptionally powerful man and was widely known in his early manhood as an athlete of unusual ability.” The Jamieson Clan Motto, “Sine Metu”, “Without Fear”, is a seemingly apt way of describing Charles Jamieson, the man. Christina [Tina] Jamieson was “... a woman greatly esteemed by all who knew her for her kindly disposition, her charitable nature and genuine hospitality. An unkind word towards anyone was not in her vocabulary and her acts of kindness to the less fortunate were many but without ostentation.”

It is with these attributes in mind that the descendants of Charles and Christina Jamieson are pleased to announce the creation of the Charles and Christina Jamieson Memorial Bursary, to be awarded annually to the Most Improved Student graduating from the Inverness Education Centre/Academy, as voted upon by the teachers of the school, in the non-renewable amount of $2,000.00 annually.

It should be noted, with thanks, that some 40 Jamieson descendants of Charles and Christina contributed to the research, transfer, and sale of the Jamieson property, the net proceeds of which form the monetary foundation for this bursary. Were it not for their philanthropic nature and the love of the Jamieson family, the monetary benevolence to the school would not have come to pass.

Lastly, and of special note, many thanks to Alex [Beag] McKinnon for his tireless, enthusiastic, and spiritual dedication to the Jamieson family. Without his guidance, there would be no Inverness Jamieson family legacy to pass on.  It is hoped that the bursary will help graduating students further their education and help them go forward, “Without Fear” as they pursue their dreams for a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

Cameron S. McKinnon, Q.C.[Ret’d], October 2, 2017.