H.M. MacDonald Elementary Celebrates Unveiling of School Flag

Students proudly display their mini school flags following the unveiling ceremony.

H.M. MacDonald Elementary School students, staff, parents/guardians, school advisory council members and community members along with Strait Regional School Board Chair Francine Boudreau and local Board Member Richelle MacLaughlin attended an impressive ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of the school flag on Thursday, April 30, 2015.

February 15, 2015, marked
the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada.  H.M. MacDonald Elementary School Principal Jason Dayman explained that with this milestone in mind and since H.M. MacDonald Elementary School celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, the staff decided it was an excellent opportunity to connect and celebrate these two important historical moments in the classroom as well as with the school community.

Students invited Dr. Laurie Stanley-Blackwell, daughter of George F.G. Stanley, creator of the maple leaf design of the Canadian Flag, to the school to share insights on how the flag was designed and selected.  Dr. Stanley-Blackwell was unable to visit but fortunately John and Ruthie Blackwell were able to spend some time with students to support their classroom learning.

Principal Dayman added that “following their visit, as a school we discussed what goes into making a flag and then students designed their own flags. Students submitted various designs and the winning design by Grade 6 student Alec Ross was chosen by the students themselves.  This flag portrays who we are as H.M. MacDonald Black Bears.”   Principal Dayman extends sincere thanks to all students for their hard work, and especially to John Blackwell for taking the time to support this significant school project.

“This project allowed us to further connect as a school, as a community and as citizens of Canada learning about this important symbol of our Canadian identity and applying this pride to our local school community by creating our first school flag,” said Principal Dayman.